| Learn how to create, edit, and manage items from the GOMANA BackOffice. 

Create Items

1. Visit Items from your GOMANA BackOffice and click Create Item at the top-left corner.

2. Fill in the item information.

3. Select the category from the list. You can create new category by pressing the button.


4. If you’re adding an item image, we recommend the following image specs:

  • High resolution
  • PNG or JPG file format
  • Dimensions that are square
  • A size of 720x720 pixels


5. Click Save.

Edit and Delete Items

1. Log in to Items from your GOMANA BackOffice.

2. Click on Edit button on the left of the item you wish to edit.

3. Make your changes and click Save.

4. To delete the item, click Delete > Delete.

| Item with transaction are not allowed to delete |

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